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~ “The universe is made up of experiences that are designed to burn out your attachment, your clinging, to pleasure, to pain, to fear, to all of it. And as long as there is a place where you’re vulnerable, the universe will find a way to confront you with it.” ~


Oliver Cheatham | Get Down Saturday Night

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Veganism is not about vegans. Vegans are people with all sorts of good and bad points. But that says nothing about veganism. Vegans are often the messengers of veganism, but don’t confuse the two. Veganism is the understanding that animals value their own lives and bodies, that animals have an interest in continuing their existence and avoiding suffering and that animals have the right to be treated with respect and justice and not to be treated as property. The logic of veganism stands independent of any individual vegan person.

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Maybe I should really hook up with this girl

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La Femme - Si un jour

Psycho Tropical Berlin

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too lazy to masturbate can you do it for me

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